I don’t believe that most of the people I know are hateful people, and I don’t believe their concern over the refugee crisis comes from a malicious place. I try not to associate too much with heartless people, you see. But I do believe that they are woefully misguided in their haste to sacrifice thousands of refugees by denying the hopeless and the helpless sanctuary in our country, because they fear the possibility of an attack on Americans.

Hey, I get it, terrorists are scary. That’s why they are called terrorists, because their tactics are meant to instill fear, or terror, in the hearts of their enemies. See, it’s mixed right up in with their name. I know. I’m scared too. I’m scared that the attacks on Paris hit so close to home. I’m scared that one day soon America may suffer a similar attack. I’m scared of getting sucked up in the war that’s spreading across our world as we speak. And yes, I’m scared that someone with evil intent may slip through the cracks of security, if we grant the refugees entrance.

But I’m more scared of allowing my humanity to be debased and corroded-away by the fear tactics of an evil group of terrorists. I’m more scared of creating the divide between “us” and “them” that will lead to the next world war. I’m more scared of my fear being used as a tool to manipulate me into doing exactly what the terrorists want me to do.

Islamic-extremists are already our enemy. We’re already pretty high up on their hit list. So rest assured that there are already plans for our attack in the works. They, meaning the Terrorists or the extremists, are Already our enemy. But guess who else’s enemy they are? See, yall already know. The majority of people seeking refuge are only seeking it because they need it. Because what they left was worse than the uncertainty they’d find. They are fleeing from their war-torn homes and have suffered unimaginable losses, and you’d have us leave them waiting at the door? Turn them away? Sentence them to death? We should be reaching out to these allies and comrades. Not shunning them or vilifying them. We have a common enemy that they have a righteous reason to want to destroy. It is their home and their lives that have be reduced to ash, after all.

Yes, America needs to tread very carefully and be as thorough as possible in our documentation, identification, and management of the victims. I hope no one is suggesting we half ass it, and at least that much goes without saying. But luckily the plan is to accept small portions of refugees at a time (until we reach the 10,000 total in 2017), in order to maintain order  and do everything in our power (hopefully) to minimize the likely hood of an internal attack. We should be vigilant and cautions.

But we cannot leave thousands of people to die because we are SCARED we MAY be attacked if we let them in. If our fear controls us to the extent that we’d sacrifice everything that America stands for, for just a bit more peace of mind, then the War on Terror has already been lost. We’ve already accepted defeat.

Terror attacks our humanity. Makes us afraid to help. Afraid to extend a hand. Afraid to listen to what our hearts know is right. Fear is powerful. But we are more powerful. We are stronger than our fear, and we are stronger than the barbarians who are attempting to dismantle our world.

Don’t let your internal consciousness be overshadowed by your fear. Our humanity is what separates us from them. Don’t let them destroy that, because then whats left? Don’t become the barbarians.

Don’t let terror win.