Maybe we should travel.

Not vacations, though I like those too; I mean living abroad. Spend a couple of years at a time living in different places. There are people that do that, it’s a thing. What makes them different from us? Just the fact that they do it and we don’t. But we could.

If I were to get my master’s degree in English education, I bet I could qualify for one of those ‘teach English abroad’ programs. I don’t know which one, but I could find out. And what if I got that minor in French I was thinking about? That would open up our options even more.

We could live in Europe for a few years. France. Germany. Sweden. Wherever really. Why not? While we’re abroad, I could work towards my doctorate. What would you do? If we lived in Europe.

Do we have enough life left for that? Is it too late? Am I too old to want these new things? Is it unfair to make our babies adventure with us?

Do  they need a more stable foundation, or could we be enough?